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Lamb and Associates Independent Financial Planning Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. FCA number 782092. Financial Services Register number 624597.

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Our Fees; An Hourly Rate


As Lifestyle Financial Planners we believe that our clients should receive expert up to date advice, value for money and take as little risk as possible to achieve their goals. This means that we charge our clients differently to many IFAs. Our focus is on planning your finances not on selling you products. We therefore charge fees based upon the time we spend working with and for you.


Many other firms charge an initial fee for investment advice of between 1% and 3% (some even more). We think that this is unfair because the amount of time involved providing advice for a £100k investment would not be ten times the time required for a £10k investment so why should the fee be ten times more? We believe our hourly rate is a much fairer system.


We charge £145 per hour for our work whatever form that takes, be it: advice, planning, research or administration. This way you can choose to pay for as much or as little of our time as you would like or you need.


Risk Premium for Investment Advice


As well as charging for the work carried out all Financial Advisers also charge a risk premium on investment advice. We think that charging for our time is the fairest way to be paid for our services but this does not take into account the risk that we take in providing investment advice. Many people do not realise that we are liable for the advice we give for the whole of the rest of our lives. Whilst there is not much more work involved in a £100k investment than in a £10k investment there is a much greater risk involved should things go wrong. We therefore charge a low management fee of 0.5% of the amount you invest in non-cash funds as a reasonable premium for taking this risk.


Most financial advisers charge much more from 0.75% to 1%. We confirm exactly what work we provide for this fee and should you require any further services, fees are then based upon our hourly rate. We believe that charging a lower percentage and then an hourly rate is a much fairer system which gives our clients the best value for money.


Monthly Invoicing


We time record our work and will send you an invoice with a time sheet at the end of each month during which we have worked for you.

Our Fees


Hourly Rate


£145 per hour




Management Fee





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Why We Advocate Passive Investing

Passive Investing - The Outperformance Myth by Robin Powell


How the £4 trillion invested by UK fund managers more often than not produces a below-average return and fails to match, never mind beat, the average market return over the long term. Are the fund managers as smart as they like to think they are? Financial gurus John Bogle, Charles Ellis and Ken French, amongst others, think not.

An illustration

of charges . . .    

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